Welcome Vintage Loving Newbies and Old Followers!

After a year of writing about my love of vintage home decor on my Blogger site, I finally made the switch to wordpress!   Hopefully my old friends will follow the link I left at Blogger and therefore find me here.♥

Why do we all love retro decor? Because of a million reasons including keeping old memories alive, the quality of older furniture, The hunt for the perfect something, learning about the past and history and lots more…

Did you ever think about how re-using older items, you were about to throw away, removes some of our carbon imprint on the earth? More about that later…

 “I LOVE Vintage Home Decor”, especially dishes,  glassware, and kitchen decor and recycled or up cycled home decor.  I will continue to share about the re-use, re-purpose and up-cycle of vintage items. I’ve actually decided, and I need a drum roll here………. to make videos of my upcycling projects!

There! I made a commitment to video myself playing with paint and glue and stuff weather it turns out fabulous, funny or a big fat flop, LOL!

For the newbies here’s the general topic list for posts:

  • Up-Cycle items you might think are just junk……. so FUN!
  • How to re-use vintage items after a quick update……… DIY!
  • Re-purpose old stuff into functional useful items and decor… COOL!
  • My favorite new finds from estate sales.
  • “Give – Aways” every two weeks!

Sign up to be notified of new posts and be entered in my next give away from my etsy shop SecondChanceChicken.  For instance I’ve given away vintage flower pots, serving trays, ashtrays, beer mugs, recipe boxes and more.  See my next post for the item I’ve chosen to give away next!

Yeah!!!!, we’re following “Vintage Rescue”!